Black Bombs


Increased Thermogenesis
Increased Fat Burning
Decreased Abdominal Fat

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In a joint scientific collaboration with the top pharmacology, biochemistry and nutraceutical engineering experts in the supplement industry, Dorian Yates Nutrition unleashes BLACK BOMBS – the badass fat burner of bodybuilding.
BLACK BOMBS is quite simply the perfect competition–strength fat burner, designed for competitors who put everything on the line to remove fat withoutlosing hard-earned muscle! In fact, the powerful amphetamine-like compounds found in BLACK BOMBS are proven to obliterate fat by an astonishing 15% while also bombing abdominal fat 2500% more than those not taking it! If your current fat burner has stopped working due to receptor downgrade, it’s time to upgrade to BLACK BOMBS!!
BLACK BOMBS amplifies your metabolic rate to maximize fat burning. It also decreases appetite and cravings. That makes you an around-the-clock fat-burning machine and much less likely to cheat on your all-important diet. So BLACK BOMBS covers all the fat-loss bases, increasing the fat that your body oxidizes and decreasing your intake of the sugars and starches that turn off the body’s fatburning switches and put it in “storage mode.”
WARNING! Now this isn’t some BS “marketing warning” added to scare you into buying BLACK BOMBS. Simply put, if you’re sensitive to stimulants or haven’t adapted to megadoses of fatburners and/or pre-workout concentrates, we urge you to not use BLACK BOMBS under any circumstances. This product is simply too strong for most users. But for those looking for the strongest fat burner available without a prescription, BLACKBOMBS is the answer.
Increased Thermogenesis
Increased Fat Burning
Decreased Abdominal Fat
Increased Exercise Performance
Rapid Release Tablet Technology

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