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About Training Fuels

Training Fuels was born from a passion for exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   In today’s convenience driven society,  it’s all too easy to consume too much sugar, unhealthy fats and the wrong carbohydrates.  An adequate work / life balance seems to allude many of us who struggle to find time for ourselves.  Personal Computers, mobile phones, tablets and television have helped create a huge increase in sedentary lifestyles and it’s taking its toll on our health. However, for the body conscious like us, who set aside time to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, we sometimes still struggle to attain our ideal physique. We became interested in sports supplements and vitamins which inspired us to start-up our ‘Training Fuels’ Company.

As a business, we are extremely committed to providing an excellent customer service, competitive prices,  accompanied with diet and training advice where possible. Whilst we don’t claim to have all the answers, we are continually learning, growing and evolving to become your ‘one stop shop’,  for everything fitness related. We understand supplements can be expensive, therefore making the right choice is important.  We are happy to offer advice in helping you achieve your goals. For questions on individual products or more general queries about hitting your targets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, simply email us at

Our product and brand range is increasing as our business expands. Therefore, our site will be continually updated. If you are  looking for something specific, please get in touch as we stock a wide range of products. It takes hard work, dedication and help from others to attain the body you want.  We are constantly doing the same in building our business.  We strive to improve and deliver the best possible shopping experience for our customers and therefore welcome any suggestions in making our website or service even better.

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